Aquafragma Limited designs and builds the self-operated barrier for flood, spill and other protection.  The patent rights belong to Dion. Toumazis & Associates with whom Aquafragma Limited has an agreement.

Aquafragma is a patented work for flood protection (patent serial number GB2514879).

Complete patent documents:

How it works

Gate normally rests flat with pavement above a buoyant body. The gate and the buoyant body are hinged so that on rotation to two bodies move away from each other. When hydrostatic pressure develops, the buoyant body forces the gate to rotate upwardly and the gate turns upright position automatically before liquid reaches pavement level.

Astonishingly robust & powerful

  • The skeleton is made of aluminium profiles.
  • The voids are filled with buoyant material.
  • The wetted surfaces are made of composite aluminium plates.

Aquafragma in action

Patented self opening liquid barrier

1. Normal position

  • Barrier is hidden
  • Any traffic can pass over the hidden barrier
  • It is securely locked and it is self unlocked before activation

2. Module starts filling with liquid

  • In minor events the barrier will not rotate. Liquid drains back to the drainage system
  • It requires no power, no human intervention and no moving parts

3. Safety gate rotates

  • It is automatically activate when the liquid is filling up the middle

4. Liquid gate starts rotating

  • The liquid gate will turn gradually as liquid level rises and it will reach upright position before the liquid reaches grade level

5. Premises are now fully protected

  • A safety gate protect / fences the opening left on the pavement

How it works

More info about the barrier

Full protection achieved before liquid reaches pavement level

The barrier is self-operated, requiring no power or human intervention. The gate turns to upright position just before liquid water reaches the protected area thereby.

  • It requires no side walls
  • It requires no threshold/step
  • It is trafficable up to the ultimate instant

How it is built

The barrier is made of modules that can be designed to any width and height to fit any type of opening through which liquid may pass. All material used is durable, such as aluminium, plastic and stainless steel. The skeleton consists of robust structural components that can withstand loads from traffic and liquid. The voids are filled with light weight materials which allow it float and therefore lift automatically.

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How it works


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