Frequently Asked Questions

The liquid barrier is built to last as long as the property it is protecting. Aquafragma is made of highly durable non-ferrous materials which withstand long-term exposure to outdoor, humid conditions requiring minimal maintenance. The main materials used are aluminium, extruded polystyrene or polyurethane and neoprene.

There is no limitation in the dimensions that Aquafragma can be built.  Each barrier is designed for site specific conditions. Aquafragma is modular in nature therefore we can provide engineering solutions tailored for any liquid problem.

Yes, the operation of Aquafragma is not affected when placed either on incline or decline. We are always willing to discuss the details of your project.

Debris in liquid will not affect the operation since hydrostatic action which is the driving mechanism is not reduced by debris. Once in upright position, Aquafragma is designed to withstand debris impact.

The depth of the recess is about one third to one quarter of the design liquid height.  The width of the recess is the same as the width of the opening to be protected.  The length of the recess in front of the opening is about 1.3 times the design liquid height.

Minimal time is required to fabricate and deliver Aquafragma liquid barrier.  This is due to its computer aided design, the automated fabrication (using CNC) and the standard material sizes used which are readily available.

Maintenance of Aquafragma flood barrier is simple. After a flood event the barrier needs to be cleaned from mud, leaves and other debris which are deposited on the various components.  One needs to ensure that the housing is clean and the barrier is tested periodically by closing the drain and filling the housing with water.

A parked car on top of the liquid barrier will not cause destruction to the barrier, but it will stop the liquid barrier from turning automatically upwards.  In order to prevent inappropriate parking we suggest that to post no parking signage.

Aquafragma is supplied with detailed but simple instructions.  The barrier is designed so that the skills required are those of an unskilled person.  Aquafragma may provide quotation for installation services.

Silt and clay suspended in the liquid do not affect the operation of Aquafragma, as even muddy liquid would make Aquafragma fully deploy. Aquafragma is specifically designed to dispose debris out through its drainage pipes.

That depends on which direction the car is traveling and how high the gate is deployed. A car travelling drom the dry side to the flooded side when the flood barrier is only partially up, will cause the flood barrier to be pushed down and will come back up after the car passes. However a car hitting the partially deployed flood barrier from the wet side can cause damage to the flood barrier. We are willing to provide high visibility warning signs that can aid drivers to see more clearly ahead.

All components are easy to install and replace.  The modular design and the simple components make replacement or repair very easy.

Aquafragma has been extensively tested in the laboratory and it has been installed in a residence in Nicosia, Cyprus.  It was successfully self operated twice during the flood events of 4th December 2018 & 20th October 2019.

Aquafragma flood barrier can be certainly be installed along the coastline as the components used are non-ferrous and can withstand corrosion or rust when exposed to salt water.

Aquafragma can operate normally in cold conditions. The liquid barrier’s operation is not affected from ice crusts or suface freezing as long as there is accompanying liquid which can provide hydrostatic pressure will mobilize the components of the liquid barrier.

Aquafragma operates when excess liquid enters the barrier.   Therefore it will deploy automatically when the drainage system is full and before liquid passes the protected opening.

Aquafragma is designed so that each component normally weighs less than 25kg, so that no lifting equipment is required for installation.  However, when the size is large enough, then the weight of a single component may exceed this weight and lifting equipment may be required.

Aquafragma is designed for all project specific loadings, including earthquake.

Aquafragma does not cause a person to be trapped after being fully deployed.  Moreover, Aquafragma does not have any sharp edges therefore it does not constitute a threat to a person’s safety.

We encourage you to contact us and update us on your project details including dimensions, plans and pictures. We will respond within one or two days providing you with a proposal, which will contain our suggestions and advice. We are delighted getting to know our customers and collaborating to produce the best possible outcome.

Aquafragma liquid barrier is unlikely to become stuck down. The liquid barrier operates with the pressure of liquid that acts on the buoyant body which forces the gate to rotate upwards coming automatically to an upright position. Tests were also carried out to examine the degree of deploying in the face of obstructions or adverse conditions. We can safely assure you that the buoyancy force is enough in making the floodgate deploy, therefore it is unlikely that the barrier can be ‘stuck down’.

Protect your premises with Aquafragma

We will respond within one or two days providing you with a proposal, which will contain our suggestions and advice