Aquafragma Self-Operated Liquid Barrier


Aquafragma Flood Protection

Ortho Fragma Flood Protection

Vertical Rising Flood Protection

Roto Fragma Flood Protection

How it works

Aquafragma is self-operated hence no human intervention or power is required.

1. Normal position

Barrier hidden inside pavement. Withstands any traffic load.

2. Before liquid reaches floor level

As water increases,the liquid gate rotates until upright.

3. Protection achieved

Successfully blocks liquid

Innovation & advantages

  • No side walls required
  • No power required
  • No human intervention required
  • No threshold/step is required
  • It is trafficable up to the ultimate instant
  • It requires little if any excavation
  • It blends with the environment

Aquafragma can be used:

  • In front of building entrances
  • Along rivers and canals
  • Along coastal promenades
  • At the crest of basement ramps

A trusted partner to the best

  • Aquafragma saved our property once again! Thank you Aquafragma!!”
    Nicoletta Adamou
    Aquafragma Ltd.

Protect your premises with Aquafragma

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